Blue Print Funding 

Blue Print Funding 


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10 Reasons Why it’s Good to Be Wealthy

Here are ten reasons why I think it is good to be wealthy — financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. These areas form the essence of who we are and will affect the quality of our life. The premise I’m adopting here is, “the wealthier we are, the better our lives will be.”

We can be more generous. If we’re physically wealthy, we’ll have more energy and stamina to contribute whether that’s at work, at home or in our communities. If we’re financially wealthy, we can donate money, sponsor a child, support a cause we believe in, etc. Our generosity comes from our sense of self-worth, and being wealthy has an effect on our level of generosity.It requires us to learn and grow. To be wealthy, we’ll have to learn new things. It could be learning about how to be financially wealthy such as becoming an investor, learning how to have better health, or how to create better relationships. These will require us to develop, grow and go to a new level of performance.We are more comfortable. When our basic needs as human beings are taken care of, we tend to be comfortable. When we’re comfortable, we’re more creative. Comfort in this context isn’t about being satisfied with where we are in life and not being willing to challenge ourselves to grow. It’s about having our needs met so we can function well each day and be our best self.We can make a bigger impact. Take financial wealth as an example — if we’re not wealthy financially, the good we can do in the world is limited to our own physical presence. That means we’re restricted by the amount of time we can give toward a cause or project.

If we’re wealthy, we could potentially invest in more resources (people, technology, equipment, etc.) and leverage our time a lot better. And we don’t always have to be doing the work ourselves to have the impact we want.We will have more fun. How often is money a factor in deciding whether to do something or not? When we want to have new experiences such as adventures or trips, if we’re wealthy, our decisions will come down to whether we really want to do something rather than whether we can afford it.We will be a better parent. When we’re wealthy, we’ll be able to raise our kids with an abundance mindset rather than one of lack and limitation. If you’re a parent, think back to times when you decided not to buy or do something for your kids because you thought you couldn’t afford it. Wouldn’t it have been easier if financial wealth wasn’t a factor in your decision?We will attract people playing at the same level as us. It’s not common for healthy people to be socialising with those who aren’t healthy (unless they’re family). The people we surround ourselves with, we become like them. Like attracts like, so we’ll spend time with people who are more like us, which is often a good thing.We tend to have less stress and more free time. One of my mentors often says, “You’ll be amazed at how much free time you have when you don’t have to worry about money.” That is so true. When we’re financially wealthy, we have more choices and also make better decisions regarding our health, finances, and overall well-being.It will require us to form new beliefs. To attract, maintain and build our wealth, our mindset will change, which often means we’ll adopt new beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. Our results are often a reflection of our beliefs, and to get better results, we must form new beliefs.We’ll have a happier life. There’s a common belief that money will not make us happy. The origins of that idea has been slightly misinterpreted, however the difference it has made is enormous. The original idea was, it’s the “love” of money that will not make us happy. Loving, obsessing or hoarding money isn’t what it’s about. It’s about recognising that money or wealth is a means to give us what we want. It’s okay to be wealthy and have a healthy relationship with money.

If we consider wealth holistically, we’ll realise being wealthy has a lot more benefits and provides us with so many more choices in life. We can do a lot more in the world if we’re wealthy compared to not being wealthy. It really comes down to what we believe to be true about wealth.

Action Step: Evaluate your definition or beliefs about what wealth is. If your beliefs aren’t giving you the results you want in life, investigate how you can learn about being wealthy in all areas of your life.

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